July 17, 1999

Phone List Poem

An unorthodox way of asking a coworker for an updated phone list:
Oh beauteous maid, wilt thou perchance update
The list of those who now do work with thee?
Else shall those Tulsa folks be quite irate
And recommend a punishment for me!

July 8, 1999

Last Gasp at Liberty Lunch

Some friends and I went to see Sonic Youth at Liberty Lunch last night. It's the last gasp for the club at the old location before they tear it down to make way for a new development. The new Lunch will be just north of Stubbs on Red River. Wiley Wiggins from Dazed and Confused was there. I was talking to the club owner, and he recently broke his foot, so we were trading injury war stories. (He also has a three-legged dog named Lucky.) I was demonstrating how I was twisting the night away at Oilcan Harry's the night before I tore my ACL, when a guy took my photo. He turned out to be a photographer from the Austin American-Statesman! And I guessed his name on the first try! I don't think the picture made the paper, but it was pretty cool anyway. Also, Kim Gordon, the main gal in Sonic Youth, walked right by me and Shannon H. on her way to the ladies' room! I guess there is no special treatment for the talent; they get to mingle with hoi polloi, as it were. Very punk.

July 1, 1999

Connected Again

I finally got a permanent internet connection at work, and then yesterday my own real email account. I have been so busy here. We put out three press releases yesterday; I was at work until 7 pm the other night, working on an announcement. But it's all worth it; an investor called last week, and asked who we have writing for us now, because our recent press releases were the best-written and most lucid the company has ever put out!

Shannon H's birthday was yesterday; I got her a book, some sparkly cosmetic goodies, and a CD of the best of the Public Radio show, "This American Life." I can't wait to listen to it, (I mean, until she listens to it) because it's really funny and clever. To celebrate, the gang went out to the Slaughter Leftwich winery, which overlooks Lake Travis, and we had a sort of picnic, with wine, cheese, olives, and other goodies.

Tonight will be quieter, I hope. I bought a cool modern lamp on sale this past weekend, but still haven't had time to take it out of the box and set it up. I want it to be a reward for sweeping and dusting the living room. On verra.