September 23, 1999

Could This Be My New House?

I went by and looked at the house last night (MLS# 518080). It's right across 30th Street from Trudy's Central, and overlooks Shoal Creek. Although I didn't get to go inside, I peered in all the windows, and really liked what I saw. The rooms are very large, and the second family room (with fireplace) could easily be another bedroom, and the bedrooms have their own doors. One thing which wasn't even mentioned in the on-line description is the garden in the back, with flagstone paths and a terrace, even a goldfish pond with a fountain! The exterior needs some paint, and the roof gables seem to need some of the wood replaced, but it seems to be in good move-in condition. Perhaps a repair allowance could be arranged. Anyway, I'd really like to get a better look at the inside. I slept on my thoughts, and I'm still excited about it, so that's a good omen.

September 9, 1999

Movies and Quiet Time

I had a pretty quiet weekend because a lot of my friends were out of town. I didn't go to any wild parties, but I hung out with a couple of friends and saw a few movies. I saw Eric Rohmer's "Autumn Tale," "Twin Falls, Idaho," and "Sixth Sense." All were very entertaining and worthwhile. I think it's great that "Sixth Sense," which contains no shoot-em-ups, explosions or car chases, has been the #1 movie for a month now. Maybe Hollywood will pay attention and give us more thoughtful dramas.

My roommate Shannon H. moved out a couple of weeks ago so she could live by herself, and now there's a lot of empty space. My brother and I spent the previous two weekends in College Station taking care of my dad, who has Multiple Sclerosis, while my mom was in Maine. It was weird coming home to a suddenly empty house. I'm still adjusting. Now I'm not sure if I'm going to keep looking for a new roommate, because I really want to buy a house, and I don't want someone to move in if I'm just going to move again in a couple of months.