March 20, 2003

Oscar Party 2003

In March, 2003, the U.S. was on the brink of going to war in Iraq, and it was possible that the Oscar broadcast would be pre-empted by war coverage.

It's Oscar party time, but despite the more serious events currently playing out on the world stage, and barring any postponements, I'd like you to join me for my yearly soirée at 6:30 p.m. this Sunday, March 23rd. An invitation is attached.

If you come during the red-carpet coverage, you'll have a chance not only to check out the stars' outrageous outfits, but also to show off your own threads, chat, mingle, nosh a little, have a cocktail, check out quotes from nominated films, and fill out a ballot with your best guesses on the evening's winners. (Prizes will be awarded for best dressed and best guessed, so now's your chance to wear that great outfit from the back of the closet or to dress up like a movie character - recent or vintage.)

If somehow the show is postponed due to world events, I'll let you know my plans, although anyone who'd like to come over and hang out, watch the news or just be with friends would certainly be welcome.

There have been some news reports of a would-be boycott of French food and wine, but if you'd like to register a protest of your own and express support for France's résistance, why not bring something French? To quote from a article, "Indeed, a nice Champagne may make a pitiful talisman against encroaching barbarity, but as America goes mad, who doesn't need a drink?" (Read the whole article.)

Hope to see you chèz moi!

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