October 4, 2004

The Debate Before the Debate

The beginnings of an ongoing political/religious/social debate between me and D.

In response to a presidential debate-watching party invitation, D wrote:

Will I be the only non-left person around? I'm used to that, though it tends to make me uncomfortable and I tend to stay in the closet. Much as a non-controversy-enjoying c**ksucking faggot might not tell his favorite people on a regular basis about his sexual proclivities if said fave peeps were rel-right extremists. Diversity, we learn, does not mean that one can dare to think different, as it were; not among the elite, not among the so-called educated or thoughtful classes. And I really don't enjoy it. Anyway.
I replied:

Wow! Sounds like someone hasn’t had their nap… Regarding the debate, I haven’t gotten any definite RSVPs for tomorrow, so you may be the only other person there besides me.

And I would totally disagree that among my educated/ thoughtful friends that one does not dare express an alternate opinion or that alternate or diverse views are not permitted. It’s just that after four years of having a president that I didn’t vote for, whose policies/values/priorities I didn’t agree with then, and who has since then, in my opinion, mucked things up worse than I could have imagined, and who has manifested in his policies all the character traits I found troubling, I am tired of watching my country suffer economically, socially, and in the court of world opinion, and I’m mad about it.

And speaking of how free speech has increasingly been discouraged and restricted, I’m also sick of hearing how it’s unpatriotic or terrorist-supporting to criticize the president or to disagree with any of his policies, and that I should just swallow the giant putrid cumwad that is the “Patriot Act” without blinking, while the real dangers and the real terrorists elude us. I guess I wouldn’t get mad if I didn’t care about where we’re headed, and I will probably go into a deep funk if we have four more years of Dubya.

I have to hear about him every day on the news, and I’d say that even moderates or Bush supporters can be fed up with hearing about his daily activities, so it’s nice to have the occasional opportunity to talk to friends who share my views, and who join me in my frustration. But if you come watch the debate at my house, I promise I won’t tell anyone that you’re gay, not that my friends would mind. :~}

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