August 2, 2006

Truth is Waaay Funnier than Fiction

I was perusing the top 100 blogs on Technorati, and although I had heard of the “Overheard in New York” site, I hadn't checked it out yet. The “Overheard at the Beach” page has some priceless exchanges, but I don't like their titles, so I made my own.

And you thought your mom was bad!

Mother, loudly: Oh my God, get over here! Turn around!
Teen daughter: What! What's on me?!
Mother: A stretch mark! That's what! Right there on your hip! You have got to lay off the chips! We are on vacation here. You shouldn't be stress eating!
Teen daughter: Mom! Shut up! People can hear you.
Mother: No, no one is listening, and besides, they can all see it, too.
Kayaking instructor: Does everyone have their life vests on? Good! Now I'd like you all to pair up, and for this first run we are going to pair up with someone you don't know.
Daughter: Thank God!
Mother: What?

--Bayville, New Jersey, Jul 29, 2006

Family Values

Mom: Stop staring at that woman's chest.
Tween boy: Dad said it's okay to look as long as I don't touch.
Mom: That's why we aren't married anymore.

--Jax Beach, Florida, Jul 25, 2006

via Overheard at the Beach

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Unknown said...

Wow, what an awful Mother. You are right, I thought mine could be embarassing but that one beats her by miles LOL