February 3, 2007

New Year, High Resolution

So, I didn't go into all the gory details, but suffice it to say that I returned from what was supposed to be a fun holiday trip thoroughly demoralized. Nothing cheers a gal up like hearing that your boyfriend of two months still loves his crazy ex, and then enduring a 9-hour car trip home with him. Anyway, I decided to try to use the abundant pain I was feeling to motivate myself anew to tackle some projects I'd been wanting to address for some time. The confluence of late nights at the office and online bill pay had meant that there were a lot of paper bills and account statements that had been paid or otherwise dealt with, but that never had been filed. These had formed an onerous mountain of paper that needed to be sorted through, but the prospect was daunting. I had tackled it at various times, but only gotten part way each time.

Then along came the January Ice Storm of 2007, when I was stuck inside for three days, along with my visiting mother, who provided immeasurable moral support and advice. I ferreted out all the piles, separated out paper to be recycled and envelopes to be discarded, put everything into folders, and made new folders where needed. The project was 90 percent done after the intitial three-day push, but I still spent January's remaining weekends creating and filling more files with the papers that defied initial categorization, and my mom created a little card and correspondence file for me that helps me remember all the kind things people have done for me over the years.

It's hard to describe the feeling of freedom in knowing that there are no more bags of papers lurking in corners somewhere, waiting to jump out at me just when I think I've got things straight. Now my file drawers are so full that I need to remove some things and create an archive, but at least now I know where everything is. What a great feeling!

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