November 9, 2007

Roger Ebert reviews "No Country for Old Men"

A Coen brothers film about a ruthless killer, this film has been on my list since I saw the first preview. Haven't seen it yet, but Ebert gives it four stars, and says it's as good as Fargo. Is your interest piqued yet? There is a spoiler warning, though, because of analysis of a possible plot hole, so read carefully.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spoiler alert... I didn't hit read more.

But did I gather from the intro parapgraph that you read Ebert's review before watching the movie?

Doesn't that spoil it a bit for you?

ArsenicJulep said...

Well, actually, I didn't read the whole review before seeing the movie; I just read the first part before the spoiler, and then skipped to the end of the review. Actually, Ebert's description of one scene helped me appreciate it more when I was watching it.

Biz said...

This movie is the best that I watched recently. The plot is very original and intriguing. I was surprised by the fact that Tommy Lee Jones did nothing during whole movie, he was just appearing here and there, but he didn't affected development of story at all.