August 18, 1999

"Eyes Wide Shut" is a Great Work-Out Incentive

I went to see "Eyes Wide Shut" yesterday. I thought it was both mesmerizing and uneven. I kept noticing continuity errors, which I found distracting. I also thought the last line detracted from the import of the whole film. I'm still analyzing my reactions to it. I may have to see it again to crystallize my thoughts.

But the sight of dozens of beautiful naked women with perfect bodies made me think--I'm never going to be six feet tall (and I don't want to be) but if I worked out, I could look really good, instead of just OK. It really strengthened my resolve to start working out consistently again, so that another year doesn't pass without me being in shape. I talked to a personal trainer yesterday; I really want someone to get me started in the right direction again, and give me a good reason to leave work and exercise.

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