August 9, 1999

Rollercoaster Virgin No More

This past weekend, Shannon H., Jenna and I drove to Houston. After dropping Jenna off, Shannon and I spent Saturday at Astroworld trying to ride as many rollercoasters as possible.
It was very exciting to me, since I had never been on a rollercoaster before! We started out on a non-rollercoaster to warm up, but I think it was possibly the scariest ride of all, (the spaceship one where you swing in ever-higher arcs, and then go completely around) because we were hanging upside down for such a long time. I was terrified of the straps breaking and releasing me for the long fall to the concrete.

We then went on the Texas Cyclone, which is the old wooden rollercoaster modeled after the one on Coney Island, and it's pretty scary because it's so jerky you think it's going to fall apart, and also because it seems as if you could hit your head going under the wooden arches. The most vertiginous ride was the Texas Tornado, with four (count 'em!) FOUR loops, and the steepest drop, but I thought it was the most fun, and we only had to wait about 10 minutes! I'm no longer a rollercoaster virgin! I wanna go again!

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