March 29, 2000

Mucho in March-o

Things are just now calming down a bit for me. I got hooked up with a badge for SXSW, so even though I was exhausted from work and everything, I felt compelled to go to as many panels and shows as possible. My friend B came in for just Saturday and Sunday, to do SXSW too. His wife was supposed to come, but she had an ear infection and couldn't fly. This past weekend, I threw my annual Oscar party, which went pretty well I think-Alice came, but it went on so late this year, she had to leave before it was over. But she and Jamie tied for most winners guessed correctly!

I was trying to deliver a party invitation Saturday night, looking for a friend's house, and I stumbled into a party hosted by a film production coordinator, where one of the guests was Wellesley class of '90, a French major, and very much interested in film! What are the chances of that happening? I hope maybe it's the beginning of some new friendships.

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