April 6, 2000

Tornado Nightmare

I had a mini-nightmare this morning that I was standing in my office, looking out the window at some ominous clouds that looked like they could be distant rain or a distant huge tornado. The radio only played maddeningly cheerful music--no storm warning or anything. Then suddenly the cloud came closer, and it was an enormous wide tornado full of dirt heading straight my way. Then it turned and started going down 183, whirling police motorcycles into its midst. I thought, whew! But then it turned again down Shoal Creek, I thought it was going down the middle of the street, past me, but then it changed course and headed inexorably my way. I suddenly realized I didn't know which way to run, and was only wearing night clothes. I thought, "They're going to find my battered body half naked in a pile of rubble." AAAAAH! And then I woke up. And realized that I had dreamed all that in the short musical interlude between two news stories on NPR.

Of course, when I drove to work this morning and saw similar clouds on the horizon, I just about had a fit, thinking my dream might have been a premonition. But the sun is out now, so I'm feeling calmer.

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