June 10, 2004

I Can't Stand Jealous Behavior

Sometimes you've got to lay it on the line with men. A letter:

I was really disappointed by the way you acted about my meeting DL while we were in New York. Your insistence that there was something more to it than a simple drink with a business acquaintance was more indicative of your insecurity than anything else. It is also incredibly insulting to me to suggest that I am some kind of tramp who is uninteresting except as a sex toy, or a shallow slut somehow unable to have a nonsexual interaction with a man, especially a married man I've met in a business setting, or that I was lying to you about the nature of the meeting. As I said to you before, I have never cheated on anyone, ever, and I don't plan to start now. I also think I'm capable of standing up for myself in just about any situation, and I'm not too worried about being victimized in the bar of a midtown hotel. If you think that there has to be more to it than a friendly meeting, then that says more about your own character and motivations than Mr. L's intentions, none of it good. If you really want to, I suppose you can keep playing the jaded, world-weary cynic who suspects everyone of having the basest ulterior motives, since it's a free country, after all. But I really dislike being around people like that, so you'll have to take your act somewhere else.

From a website that was linked to on CNN...

8 Mistakes Men Make That Disgust Women
by Brian Caniglia


Most guys act jealous when there is absolutely NO reason to... which makes them look extremely silly and foolish. Some guys even think that women are impressed by jealousy, like it's manly or something... nope. No healthy woman would want to be with a guy that feels threatened by other men. Women like men that are confident with themselves and at ease around "the competition."

Look at it this way, if your girlfriend or date requires constant supervision, if you can't trust her around other guys... then why would you want her? She's not the kind of high-quality woman you deserve to be with anyway.

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